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kitetrip sardinia  2021

FlyIt Kite School and Kite base is planned to be open from middle of April til November 2023. Come to enjoy kiteboarding on easy spots great for beginners or a wave spots in spring or summer on the prettiest beaches of Sardinia. Not that good at kitesurfing yet? Take a kite course to become independent and safe kitesurfer within couple days. To learn in good conditions is the easiest way to get into this sport. Kite spot is great for children too. Advanced kiters can book rental of various equipment in FlyIt kite school - complete kite range of brand new kites, twin tip, directional, foil boards, wing foil equipment, paddleboards, bikes or car. In FlyIt kitesurfing school you can find new equipment from the top brands - Ozone, Mystic, F-one and more.

get a flight to the island,  we will help you with the rest

Our kitebase is in the village called Villarios, where we can book for you free rooms in our kite apartment, the complete apartment with the nice terrace overlooking the see neaby or couple more options which we can send you to the dm. 



We usually come to pick you up at the airport. We have a big van with 9 seats and a lot of space for all the equipment. You can rent the smaller car for short trip for shopping or for your whole stay.

During your kite trip we will find the best conditions for riding that day, we will drive there together for kiting, surfing, wing foiling, paddleboarding or other fun. We are always around, to help or support you in case you need.

Not kiteboarding yet? Come to learn this amazing sport safely and fast. Most likely you will be riding within few days of lessons. You want to learn some new tricks? Take an advanced lesson. It is always faster with an instructor than with videos.

Brand new equipment of top kiteboarding brands, safety equipment, hydrofoil, wingfoil, surfboards, directional boards, paddleboards, couple bikes and a car is available at our kite base for you.


Take your friends or family with you. They can join a course if they want to or just come for a holiday. In the surroundings of kitespots there is usually nice beach to rest and sunbath, so there is something for everyone.

If you want to enjoy your week or two of kiting with or without taking your own equipment have a look at prices of Kite Trip or Kite Trip with Full Rental. If you want a kite course too, let us know and we will plan your trip with you.

kitetrip with  full rental

Do you only wanna come with your hand luggage and not worry about anything else?

You can join our shared accommodation in a kite house, we will pick you up at the airport or at Carbonia train station, take you every day to the spot with the best conditions around (up to 1h of driving) and rent you any equipment for kitesurfing, kitefoiling, surfing, paddleboarding or wing foiling. 

price per week   

April – May, October – November – 598 €  pp

June, September – 654 € pp

July, August - 696 € pp

Kite trip

The same just without the rental. Buy your flight, take your equipment with you and if you miss something, you can rent it on the spot. You can join us in our apartment with breakfast together, we will pick you up at the airport, choose the spot around with the best conditions for the day and take you there.

price per week  

April – May, October – November – 378 € pp

June, September –  434 € pp

July, August – 476 € pp

Kite trip + kite course 3 days

Do you want to join us for a kitetrip and take a course to start with kitesurfing or refresh what you've already learned? If you enroll to at least 3 days kite course you will have 10% off the price of both the kite course and the kite trip + additional 10% off the equipment rental for the whole year!

10% discount  

April – May, October – November – 690 € pp 

June, September – 740 €

July, August - 780 € pp

Kite trip + kite course 5 days

Do you want to join us for a kitetrip and take a full course to start riding from zero or improve during the week as much as possible? If you enroll to at least 5 days kitecourse you will have 15% off the price of both the kite course and the kite trip + additional 10% off the equipment rental for the whole year!

price per week   

April – May, October – November – 840 € pp 

June, September – 887 €

July, August - 923 € pp


How are the prices?

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